RD Grup, has been established in TURKEY in 2003 to create genuine products and systems in HVAC field. RD grup is proud of being capable of offering a wide range of products and systems by combining their creative and dynamic structure with shareholders more than 30 years experience gained in well-known brand companies.

 Our Vision, To reach a company profile, which is leading in designing and manufacturing innovative energy saving and high technology HVAC products. And also to reach such a company profile, which is sustaining innovative and creative performance providing a good reputation and well-known brand in local and global markets. 

Our Scope  of Business;  RD Grup deals with design, improvement, production, sale, after-sale service, and training & consulting.

 RD Grup offers specific solutions to comprehensive projects ; with the aid of their long term experience in different fields of HVAC BUSİNESS. RD Grup is proud of being capable of offering high technology and innovative products for different types of buildings such as commercial and residential buildings, factories, hotels, social activity buildings, shopping centers, sports halls, swimming pools, etc. As a result of special care and efforts on the quality & innovation activities and successful cooperations with partner companies, RD Group is going on to add new original and quality products to their product range.

 Product Range;  RD Grup is capable of supplying different HVAC products and equipment in addition to their own products that may be demanded by customers.  Heat and Energy Recovery Ventilation Units, Swimming Pool Dehumidifying Units, Natural Cooler & Fresh Air Processing Units, Polymer Air-To-Air Heat Exchangers are being manufactured within the scope of the product range.

Training and  Consultancy ; RD Grup shares its long-term experience & knowledge with companies and business people in HVAC field. Product design and improvement, laboratory and test systems and product certification are the subjects of training and consultancy.

Our Policies;

 Quality Policy: To produce, supply and sell the highest quality products that meet customer requirements and demands. To this end we:

  • Continuously work on our products and services improvement 
  • Improve the skills having direct effect on our products, services, and customer satisfaction
  • Keep continuous improvement of quality culture of all employees, suppliers, and shareholders
  • Share new technologies, improvements, and innovations in our business field with the existing and potential customers and suppliers,
  • Improve customer relations so as existing and potential customers can reach us easily,
  • Accept a well designed and organized Quality Policy as the main strategy of our company. 

Environment Policy: RD grup pays the highest attention to preserving the environment, in particular, by focusing on energy saving products and selecting materials which have the lowest negative effects on the environment.  

Safety and Health Care Policy:  RD Grup’s priority is to select and use materials that have minimum negative effect on safety and health of employees, service technicians, and users. 

 Economy policy:  We believe and accept that:

  • Values added commercial prosperity in our business must be shared fairly between suppliers, employees, shareholders, and state.
  • Granting enough share from economic growth to our suppliers will enable them to grow and to provide us with the best services and products.
  • Satisfaction of our employees causes a positive effect on our service and products.
  • Satisfaction of our customers feeds our future.We, RD Grup, always try to improve the benefits of our customers by reducing cost and increasing quality.
  • To correctly define priorities in financial planning is a vital matter for economic growth and strength of our company.
  • Cost reduction, avoiding unnecessary expenses, searching and supplying external financial resources must be our routine and continuous activities.
  • The importance of reserving enough budget for safety & health care, environment protections, innovation and improving skills of employees.